The Anthros difference: We empower our clients.

Anthros is a culture of excellence, commitment to service, and values long-term relationships. As a part of our superior service initiative, Anthros believes in investing in technology for the future of our clients. We provide convenient, web-based professional management options and offer multiple security levels to give you peace of mind with employee information. We also believe in “going green” and implementing principles, policies, and practices to improve the quality of life for our customers and employees. Our paperless environment and client portal combine the power of technology with ecological responsibility to create efficiencies while making a positive difference in how organizations operate. Anthros clients deserve the best, and our high-performance management platform through HRPyramid is the most comprehensive product on the market today, offering superior features to support our customer-centric service model.

Our technology empowers worksite managers and employees by enabling them with the ability to view, create and maintain payroll, benefits and HR information in real time.


Combine the accessibility of the Internet with the power of HRPyramid and you have fully on-demand, real-time client self-service; also available on mobile devices.


Managers can control how much information employees can access, while all information remains on the HRPyramid secure server.


The self-service web-based portal offers unique customization features. Links, logos, emails and reporting are just a few ways you can custom brand your portal.

Portal Highlights


  • Separate “Manager” and “Employee” web site interfaces available with the ability to offer your clients one or both
  • Optional: Managers can enter their own codes for department, worksite location, work groups, projects, divisions, skills, event categories, and event types
  • Time clock imports allowed
  • Performance, goal and discipline tracking available
  • General forms and client-specific forms and handbooks can be made available
  • With 1mage, employee images are available


  • Self-registration available for employee username and password
  • Messaging dashboard available
  • Employees can look up payroll stub information, payroll summaries and available paid time off hours


  • All data and reports are real time
  • Managers can run reports or generate inquiries
  • Using Informer, managers may write and schedule their own queries


  • Each client web space can feature a different look and feel
  • Logos that appear on the client web space can be easily changed
  • Menu options dynamically customized from within HRPyramid
  • Additional links can be added to the client web space


  • Time sheet entry and submission cuts down on keying errors and processing time
  • Notes may be submitted along with time sheets to PEO processor
  • Employees can submit changes to personal information


  • Manager security can be restricted by which “page” is seen


  • Changes made on the web can trigger multiple e-mail messages, (e.g., notification to manager)
  • HR actions (e.g., pay rate change) can be set by client by action to require approval prior to writing to the database
  • Manager can run self-service reports
  • Third-party application single logins available (third-party must allow for this)
  • Managers can update tracked employee information such as skills, education and other date sensitive events online
  • Managers can change the following employee HR actions, and because they are date-sensitive, can enter them at any time for a future activation date:
    • pay rate change
    • job change
    • termination
    • rehire
    • leave of absence
    • leave reactivation
    • status/type change

Document Imaging

Employers have to maintain large amounts of paperwork, which must be kept safe and easy to find. Imaging and indexing this paperwork is an effective way to promote efficient, paperless handling. Most of these documents are most “active” in the first few weeks of receipt, but if imaging is the last step in the process (read: sitting in a pile waiting to be scanned), they may be least available when they are most needed. HRPyramid’s Document Management System addresses this issue by taking items into the imaging system as early as possible.

Additional Advantages:

  • Items imaged BEFORE they are keyed (faxes typically never hit paper)
  • Forms automatically routed to key employees
  • Security: assign what form types each employee can see
  • Documents are permanently linked to the relevant employee for easy access and organization
  • Automatically track who views images


HRPyramid also offers Service Organization Controls (SOC 1) compliance. A SOC 1 Report is a report on Controls at a Service Organization which are relevant to user entities’ internal control over financial reporting. The SOC1 Report is replacing the standard SAS70, complete with Type I and Type II reports, but falls under the SSAE 16 guidance.

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