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Laser Hair Removal


What type of Laser do we use?

Centers for Hair Enhancement offers a state of the art, Candela Gentle Yag laser, the leader in the field, for the removal of unwanted hair. This machine is capable of treating a range of skin tones from light to dark, and uses the most effective technique for laser hair removal. Other devices that use Intense Pulse Light are not as effective as the Yag laser device, in eliminating the re-growth of hair.

How many treatments will I need?

The procedure is done over a series of treatments depending on the individuals unique skin characteristics. Depending on the size of the area treated, the procedure can be as short as a few minutes to as long as an hour. Treatments are typically done once a month. All treatments are performed by nurse practitioners, with extensive experience in laser hair removal.

What should I expect?

The Gentle Yag that we utilize, has a patented technology that provides a cooling burst of cryogen when the treatment is done. This creates a cooling effect on the skin, which makes the treatment much more comfortable. For a majority of individuals, this allows the procedure to be done without any pain medication or topical anesthetic. Treatments can be done over your lunch break, and you can resume work or any other activity immediately after a treatment.

Shaving vs. Laser Hair Removal?

Imagine not having to worry about the hassle of shaving ever again. Your skin will always look silky smooth without the annoying presence of hair. All those extra hours wasted shaving unwanted hair will be a thing of the past. Let Centers for Hair Enhancement set you free of unwanted hair and shaving forever.

Laser Hair Removal



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