Are Your Employees Engaged?

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How would you answer this question: are your employees engaged? Studies show that a huge chunk of workers in the United States are not engaged: more than 75 percent! And the cost is enormous. In the U.S. employee disengagement carries with it a price tag of $300-$500 billion dollars each year.

So what does an engaged employee look like?
• Enthusiastic. Committed. Heart and soul goes into their work
• Mission oriented. Think in terms of “us” and what will further the interests of the organization
• Works harder and more efficiently

Employees who are engaged feel and convey pride in their work, and this enthusiasm fosters an environment of collaboration in the workplace. When employees are engaged, everyone is pushed to be a better employee.

This is the result:
• Fewer layoffs for poor performance
• Employees come to work
• Employees stay
• Fewer on-the-job accidents and Human Resources problems

Companies with engaged employees are more productive, more profitable and save big from their low rates of turnover. According to a Gallup study, companies with high levels of employee engagement are 400 percent more profitable than companies with disengaged employees.

So how do you engage employees?

Here’s what employees are looking for:
• Recognition and appreciation for their contributions and a job done well
• Open communication between managers, leadership and employees
• Opportunities for advancement, longevity, mentorship and training

Most executives say motiving employees is their greatest challenge. But what’s the cost of not motivating them? Much greater than the time and expense that goes into creating a comprehensive employee engagement strategy.

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About the Author
Lisa G. King-Corbin, PHR, is the Process Improvement Manager at Anthros Inc.