Our Story

Anthros; n. Greek Origin; meaning human, humankind.

Anthros_Logo_TrademarkAnthros’ story began in 1995, when Anurag Dandiya had the dream of pursing a career with a cause. Realizing that human capital is the highest expense for businesses and providing a platform to manage human capital would remain a necessity, he decided to pursue a career in the Human Resources Outsourcing industry.Businesses often secure multiple vendors to manage their human capital. Businesses are required to remain in compliance while providing multiple state or federally mandated products & services. This results in a fragmented approach and a costly approach for any business. Anurag’s vision was simple: provide a consolidated platform with all features, products and services while striving for excellence in Human Capital Management service delivery and offer clients a superior experience unmatched by competition.

Anurag researched the industry and approached one of the forefathers of the Professional Employer Organization (PEO) HR outsourcing industry – Wilbur H. Boyd. Anurag was accepted as an apprentice in 1996 for a one-year term with Mr. Boyd at Employee Services. Mr. Boyd served four terms in the House from 1958-1966 before moving to the Senate, where he chaired the education committee and rose to become president pro-tempore from 1970-72. Mr. Boyd founded Employee Services, Inc. which was eventually acquired by a national healthcare organization.

After leaving Employee Services, Inc. in 1997, with little money saved up, Anurag began to piece together his vision. While a marketing company was low investment and cost effective, Anurag needed an infrastructure that would make it possible to provide this HR outsourcing service. The infrastructure was borrowed from a shared services model that included payroll processing, workers’ compensation, benefit administration and human resources support. Brick by brick the foundation for Anthros was laid, eventually evolving our brand into what it is today.

The past of Anthros was an essential part in making what the Brand stands for today. Past years often held long days and nights, heartaches, and euphoric rejoices. Yet, the years passed have built a bond between Anthros team members that is like family. Each Anthros member isAnthrosinc_collage13 encouraged and supported when building relationships with every client that has partnered with us.

Anthros is built on a family foundation. Without it, the brand would not exist. Besides other Anthros team members, Directors Janet Pells & Helen Usher have supported Anurag from the very beginning. Their relentless commitment to the Anthros mission has escalated Anthros service delivery to be recognized as the premier solution for hundreds of businesses nationwide.

“Excellence in Human Capital Management”

Anthrosinc_collage10The Anthros team members thrive on the importance of knowing what is relevant to our clients. They thrive on exuberating a culture that was 17 years in the making to finally unravel as – Anthros. Conversations with 174 business owners over the past 17 years in 31 states have resulted in the lifeline of our business.

Anthros began when a dream became a goal, where a vision became a mission and where “will” found its way. Similar to all companies, Anthros was created to serve a purpose. A purpose that could be fulfilled by practicing only the most noble ethics with relationships and human interaction superseding all. At Anthros, clients are not just clients; clients are the driving force of Anthros. Members are not just employees; they’re human capital assets and the soul Anthros stands for. At Anthros, maintaining relationships that have supported us for nearly two decades is not what we do; but rather our way of life.