Anil Deshpande, Chairman

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Mr. Deshpande is an entrepreneur and a real estate developer based in Orlando, Florida. He has 40 years of commercial, industrial and residential development and construction experience. From 1972 to 1983 he was involved in a wide range of commercial and industrial projects including hospital, office buildings, hotel, institutional buildings, prisons, and industrial plants. He served as a project manager of the Orlando International Airport.

Mr. Deshpande co-founded Park Square Homes in 1984, growing it to be the 69th largest home builder in the United States, with over 1200 homes sold in 2004. Mr. Deshpande was the CEO of the company for 20 years and sold his interests at the end of 2004.

Since, then Mr. Deshpande has been involved in commercial projects in central Florida and India. Mr. Deshpande is a founding Board Member of Seaside National Bank and Trust based in Orlando. He also is a partner in two IT firms.

Mr. Deshpande has been involved with many art and philanthropic foundations both in the United States and India. He started the Indian Study Center at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. He has been on the Boards of the Indian Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Hindu Society. He established a Family Foundation and contributes to many activities in India and the United States in the areas of Education and other social interests.

Mr. Deshpande has a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from M.S.U. in Baroda, India and a M.S. degree in Construction Management from the University of Florida. He also has an Executive MBA from Harvard Business School. Mr. Deshpande resides in Orlando with his wife Chitra. They have two daughters and one son.